Monday, January 22, 2007

I am single and raising my 7 yr old son , HELP!

I am single and raising my 7 yr old son all by myself. He already shows these traits. His dad was abusive towards me and now my son does the same thing. Now his father has lost all rights to him because of alcohol and drug abuse. My son desperately needs a positive male role model in his life. I just can't be what he needs. My 7 year old son would rather go to kid bootcamp than live with me. I'm more afraid of myself than I am him right now, but I know he's just going to get bigger and eventually I will live in fear. How can I stop this NOW? He doesn't listen, he talks back, tries to hit me, etc. Time outs don't hold a candle to him, taking away his toys? He dosn't care. Therefore I have to ground him from playing outside with his friends, (the only thing he does care about) and then I'm stuck with him all day in the house with his foul mouth and anger towards me. HELP!
Anonymous - in strugle

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