Thursday, February 01, 2007

Recommended Books for Single Mothers Raising Sons

A list of recommended books from the visitors of this blog:

"For all you mothers out there, check out a book called Preparing Him for the Other Woman by Sheri Rose Shepherd. This is a great resource for raising a wonderful, respectable son. "

I'd like to recommend, "The Single Mom's Little Book of Wisdom: 42 Tidbits of Wisdom To Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong." Also check out the website: . There's a link with articles and resources on single moms raising boys
If you have a book that you found useful for Single Mothers (parents) raising son's please email it to us at and put in the subject line "For single mother's raising sons blog" or add it to this post as a responce.

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Raising the Next Generation of Men: Books: Ann F. Caron
Raising Boys Without Men: How Maverick Moms are Creating the Next Generation of
Exceptional Men - by Peggy F. Drexler, Linden Gross - 2005 - 240 pages
Single Mother: The Emergence of the Domestic Intellectual - by Jane Juffer - 2006 - 267 pages
It's a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons -by Andrea J. Buchanan - 2005 - 251 pages
Can Black Mothers Raise Our Sons?by Lawson Bush V. - 1999 - 200 pages
Raising Sons Without Fathers: A Woman's Guide to Parenting Strong, Successful Boysby Leif G. Terdal, Patricia Kennedy - 1996 - 216
Mom's Everything Book for Sons: Practical Ideas for a Quality Relationshipby Becky Freeman - 2003 - 168 pages
Between Mothers and Sons: The Making of Vital and Loving Menby Evelyn Bassoff - 1994 - 272 pages
The Myth of Women's Masochism: With a New Preface by the Author by Paula J. Caplan, Paula J. Brown - 2005 - 328 pages
Bringing Up Boys: A Parenting Manual for Sole Mother Raising Sonsby Jo Howard - 1999
The Unbroken Home: Single Parent Mothers Tell Their Stories -by Wendy Anne Patterson - 2001 - 410 pages
The Complete Single Mother: Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns -by Andrea Engber, Leah Klungness - 2006 - 439 pages

Single Mother's (Single Parent) Raising Sons:


Stephanie Holmes said...

In The Complete Single Mother by Andrea Engber and Leah Klungness, there's a reference to Margaret Mead's observation that "fatherhood is a social invention." It startled me into realizing that a woman raising a child by herself is as much a part of the natural order of things as an intact family. I immediately stopped feeling guilty that my son does not have a Dad around. I think that guilt hinders common sense, so once I got rid of the guilt, common sense took over and changed both of our lives for the better.

Stephanie Holmes

Anonymous said...

I recommend the book "Raising Your Child & Yourself: A No Nonesense Guide for Young Single Mothers. This book is great for young or teenage mothers that still have alot of growing up to do. Available at

Anonymous said...

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