Tuesday, March 28, 2006

About Single Women (Parents) Raising Sons.. how we started

looking for input from Single Mothers (single parents) Raising Sons A new 'blog' started to share resources
by Martin Brossman

In the course of 10 years of running The Men's Inquiry (and the website http://www.toinquire.com/ ) I have received many calls, from single mothers around the country, about the challenges of raising their sons. I did my best to give some advice and many came back and let me know how useful it was. Problems they would describe were: "I fight with my daughter but we are on the same page, however everything I do with my son seems to blow up in my face" or "I have finally decided I can not be his mom and his dad but where do I find men to play a healthy male role model for him. Obviously the issue of “Single Mothers Raising Sons” is an issue of special importance and concern more appropriately addressed by The Women’s Inquiry ( http://www.thewomensinquiry.com/ ).

To facilitate interchange I have created a blog on the issue. If you or anyone you know is a single mother raising sons and would be willing to help other single mothers raising sons, please provide your inputs to: women@toinquire.com and in the subject line of the E Mail add “Single Mothers Raising Sons.” The information will be posted on the blog address: http://mothersandsons.blogspot.com/ . Your story of what works and what does not work is important. Whether your kids are young or fully grown, we want to hear your voice! This is a public service of The Women's Inquiry and we appreciate your help. This service is not affiliated with any other group or any particular faith.

Special Note: The 10 year’s of inputs to The Men's Inquiry has led to the coming book “Finding Our Fire.” Inputs to this blog may well lead to a similar result. The book would not be another "expert" telling woman what to do but the real words of women who have or are living the experience. If you know of any women that want to write such a book have her contact me. As we proceed we will seek the right women to produce such a book.

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