Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Boys pick on each other worse than girls when it comes to clothes!

"I absolutely love this topic too! And yes, boys pick on each other worse than girls when it comes to clothes! What works for me is I let my son tell me how the social climate is going and help him navigate it by choosing what he will feel comfortable wearing. My son won't wear pink alone, but he will wear a pink t-shirt that has a skateboarder shadow that says "peace bro" .....not a bad balance he struck there, I was impressed, but he won't wear it to school functions, only around the neighborhood boys. I allow him to show his social wisdom without making too big an issue of it. After so long struggling to knock the girlie out of me to be able to identify with my son I have grown to respect the odd ways they bond to each other and how they protect those bonds. There is a difference, my son taught me those differences are ok. It's important that a boy identify with other males (young and old) on their terms, not ours. I feel like it was the most critical lesson I learned with my son. When I respect him he respects me ten-fold. (Hard to respect traits in a person like bathing only when you can no longer see the true color of their skin, keeping worms as trophies, teasing each other for perceived guy-infractions and burping contests but respect it all I do. I wouldn't want anyone telling me my womanly gab-fests with girlfriends and toenail painting is pathological, I don't think boys like it any better when we do it for their particular XY quirks as well.

He loves the new commercial Burger King came out with showing the men emancipating themselves from "chick food" and running in the streets with their huge cheeseburgers singing "I am man." He laughs hysterically. I laugh too just seeing him. Before I had my son I would have been offended by it, but now I understand it and think it's funny also. Amazing people these little men we have. Rose S

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Anonymous said...

As a guy I really respect you for respecting his "males ways" and not being judgemental. Mothers who take this away from their sons will set themselves up for a very painful parting in the future. The boy's need to be "masculine" will explood and he will feel forced to be free of a mother who does not respect his ways.