Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We tired to "locate" a few "good men."

What a Great topic!! I am the single parnet of a (now) 4 year old son and a (now) 6 year old daughter. I have been on m own for 4 years (yes, you do the math)! My son, Ethan was 2 months when his father actually moved out but was never an active part of his life.I am a formally educated woman, with more than one masters degree and am now self employed. As resourceful as I am....having positive male role models in my childrens life has been difficult. I have so many "strong" females around that it seems almost a set up to think that we can "locate" a few "good men."I thought my son how to pee standing up, how to shake his penis dry, how to throw a ball (not too well), and so on. I am sooo proud of myself but wish that he had more men around. My brother is somewhat local and I do what I can to get the two of them together. One example of the difference of how I try to teach him and my brother....Ethan asked me if boys can wear pink shirts (a fashionstatement now). Being the social worker that I am, I said ,"of course they can, but only strong boys who feel good about themselves can wear pink." He asked my brother the same thing and my brothr said, "No, boys should never wear pink and don't ever want to hear about you wearing it." Then told my daughter that he would give her $1.00 if her brother wore pink and she told on him.What works, I don't know..what doesn't....not sure either. I just know that I do the best that I can!! And I am open to read, listen and try new things.

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