Sunday, May 06, 2007

Interview with Niki and Beth in the Morning

Martin Brossman was interviewed today about Single Mothers Raishing Sons on the Nicki and Beth Morning show as part of their week-long special focusing on "Male Viewpoint" (MVP). About the show: "The Nicki and Beth Morning Show is the only all syndicated female hosted morning show in America. The program is hosted by Nicki Morse (formerly of Sunny 93.9's "Bob and Nicki Morning Show" and television reporter for NBC 17 (both in Raleigh) and numerous large market morning hosting positions in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Richmond and more; and, Beth Morris, unLicensed therapist and acclaimed storyteller. Now moving to a new location to be announced soon.Martin Brossman was a regular guest on the Tuesday Show।

To learn about Nicki Morse radio experience go to:

And to find out about the show Nicki and Beth call Beth Morris at (919) 818-6462

From Single Mothers Raising Sons:

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