Sunday, October 26, 2008

So what are YOUR biggest concerns raising your Son?

So what are YOUR biggest concerns raising your Son? Let's hear from YOU about it! Email us directly at We want to hear your stories about what works and what does not work, you can stay anonymous or give your name.


MsVip213 said...

I am a single mom raising a son and I my biggest concern is to raise him to be a man one that doesn't have to have his mother come to his rescue. That is my biggest issue with his father, he acts like a child and his mother cleans up his messes. I really don't want my son to end up like that.

I have been in a battle with this woman for the past week. Check out my blog and see the nasty emails she has sent me... THE VERY HAPPY SINGLE MOTHER

Anonymous said...

That I will fail and he will grow up to resent me.

gldean said...

Great read, thanks!
Single Mothers

Staci said...

Hi, I also have a Single Moms blog called you should check it out. Maybe we can collaborate on some stuff. Love your blog. And Happy Mother's Day!!